Welcome to my memoires!

Glad you’re here, I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do when writing it.

Here you’ll find a ton of topics related to embedded systems, from tear-downs to advance programming in C++.

I have no schedule, I just write whenever I need to say something. Probably you’ve noticed the name’s blog is in spanish, but I write mostly in english. Well, spanish is the language I speak and I have a reason to write in english: It seems that people that speaks spanish doesn’t like the topics I write about. That’s way I decided time ago to post in english, though I post in spanish from time to time. If you see grammar errors in my posts now you know why =)

Open source projects

I love open source projects, from Linux (Mint) to Vim, KiCAD, Firefox, Gimp, Inkscape, etc. In fact, I release almost all my code under open source licences, unless a project was done for a customer. In that case I can’t, but what I can is to post about the experience.

LPC from NXP

I’m a huge fan of the LPC microcontrollers from NXP. A bunch of my blog posts are related to them. I usually buy a LPC developer’s board as soon as I realized they exist.


I prefer to code in a professional way, but Arduino has reached even the farthest corner in the world, so I’ve included posts about it from time to time. Mostly I post topics about how to program in a professional way in Arduino… I hate sketches!

Actually I opened a parallel blog for advanced topics in the Arduino platform: https://arduinoforadvanceddevelopers.wordpress.com/


I design all my boards with KiCAD. Who in the world uses Eagle when KiCAD is not only open source, but professional grade?


When it’s time to use a real time operating system, my first choice is FreeRTOS. I post a lot about it.

Who’s behind this blog?

And yes, there’s a human behind this blog, meet me here.