Objectifying the FreeRTOS timers

After my last two posts I thought it could be a good idea to extend the objectification process, this time for the FreeRTOS timers (I would objectify myself if I could). FreeRTOS has included timers since the 9.0 release, and for many situations these are a better option than the regular tasks. For example, periodic […]

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Repairing a M570 Logitech mouse

In this post I’m going discusse two things: Repairing the switches for the mouse, and its internals. This mouse is the best I ever have had. I bough it almost two years ago and, as for today, the included alkaline battery is at its 50%; however, the mouse is far from perfect. There is a […]

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Git, tutorial rápido

Creando el repo remoto Crear un repositorio remoto en Bitbucket completamente vacío (sin .gitignore ni README.txt, se pueden agregar después). Copiar la dirección del nuevo repositorio, por ejemplo: https://your_user@bitbucket.org/your_user/your_project.git De ser necesario limpiar el workspace en nuestra PC  (ejecutables, temporales, etc.). Se puede utilizar Bleachbit para remover los archivos ocultos e innecesarios que genera Vim. […]

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