PWM on the LPC1114

This example doesn’t need the prescaler because the number of pulses required to achieve the desired output frequency (2.2KHz) is small enough to be hold on a 16 bit variable. PWM0 is the active output. PWM_CYCLE is the channel for the pwm period. PWM1 (line 10) is not used in this example. I just forget […]

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Fuente de alimentación sin transformador

PRECAUCIÓN: ESTE CIRCUITO UTILIZA LA TENSIÓN DE LÍNEA, LA CUAL PUEDE SER LETAL. EXTREMAR LAS PRECAUCIONES, O MEJOR AÚN, NO INTENTARLO. Experimenté con esta fuente sin transformador para alimentar circuitos de 24V y 3.3V (aunque esta última no aparece en el diagrama). La colocación de los componentes es importante. Con otras configuraciones tanto la resistencia […]

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Digital timer tear-down

In this post I want to share the tear-down of a digital timer. The reasons are twofold: first, it’s funny! Second, we can learn a lot from the insides. I’m particularly interested in the transformer-less power supply. The timer is made up four parts: the transformer-less power supply, the actuator, the battery-backup and the logic. […]

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